Automate your firm faster by hiring a Head of Technology. You’ll hear what a Head of Technology is, what they do and what skills you should look out for when hiring one.

Listen below.

Show Notes

0:43 – Last episode I pointed out 4 ways to stay ahead of the automation curve, where hiring a full-time technology role was one of them.

0:58 – My LinkedIn post pointed out that firm owners are spending too much of their time trying to automate.

1:18 – Suggestion: Hire a Head of Technology to oversee automation instead.

2:30 – My story of why I hired a Head of Technology at my firm.

3:45 – Here’s what my Head of Technology did at the firm.

4:23 – The skills a Head of Technology should possess.

4:48 – Should they have coding skills?

5:27 – An accounting background is a big plus, but not necessary.

5:40 – Consider upskilling someone already on your team to be groomed into the role.

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