Every firm owner knows the importance of having a great assistant, but there’s one key person that could streamline and implement processes so you can avoid being overworked—a Director of Operations.

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0:46 – Most firm owners I know end up becoming the bottleneck of their business and spread way too thin.

1:04 – At least half of the firm owners I know have streamlining and implementing processes as one of their main priorities.

1:50 – Very early in my accounting firm, one of my first hires was an Operations Manager.

2:31 – Their job is to make the business run smoothly by implementing processes and systems.

3:00 – You want someone that has experience already so that you can extract yourself from these matters.

3:25 – If I’ll start all over again, I’d find someone who can split time between client work and operations.

3:49 – There are services that can place contractors in your firm that help achieve the same goals.

4:00 – A list of some of the things a Director of Ops can handle.

4:51 – In business, you should be thinking about who can handle the work you need to get done

5:04 – The sooner you hire a Director of Ops, the more you’ll be able to take a step back and enjoy your business more.

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