With many accountants faced with busy season and the constant grind of this time of year, it’s important to look at what’s going right inside of your business. My latest podcast episode gives you a 5 minute dose of moral support to get you through the final days of hecticness:

Show Notes

0:35 – Running a firm is tough. And sometimes you just need a pat on the back. Celebrating your wins helps with that.

1:45 – We often get too wrapped up in the grind and forget about the good things that are happening in life and in business.

2:15 – Most small firm owners don’t have a place to celebrate their wins, which is why I encourage this in all my coaching and inside Future Firm ® Accelerate.

4:15 – If you feel that business is always a grind, you have an opportunity to reset your business model after tax season (see Accounting Work Life Balance: 10 Tactics for Success).

4:52 – When you’re super busy, especially during busy season, remember to always put things into perspective.

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