In this podcast episode, I discuss how I use the “Just Jump” business concept and how it’s helped me launch and grow my last 2 businesses:

Show Notes

0:37 – I share a story exemplifying the “Just Jump” concept.

2:14 – This “Just Jump” concept has guided me in all aspects of my business, from concept to execution, which I believe has helped me launch and grow my businesses.

2:39 – Since the majority of accountants tend to be over-calculating, this simple “Just Jump” concept applies to them.

4:58 – The “Just Jump” concept can be approached in three different ways:

5:02 – First, it is possible to jump into new ideas and be pleasantly surprised with the results, which means keep doing what you are doing.

5:11 – Second, the concept helps you realize that you may have discovered something valuable, but need to pivot.

5:20 – Third, it’s sometimes needed to abandon ship when using the “Just Jump” concept.

6:11 – It is a good idea to get a second opinion before jumping in. Your partners, your team, or members of your business community to help you achieve that goal.

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