The Most Impactful First 2 Steps to Freeing Up Time in Your Firm

Looking for ways to reduce workload while increasing your firm’s capacity? In this episode, I’ll discuss 2 steps you can take to strategically grow your business while reducing work hours and getting the most out of your capacity.

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0:33 – The question I got from social media is relevant to a lot of firm owners: How can busy firm owners find time to work on improving their business and reaching their goals while running the firm?

1:33 – In episode 31, I shared tips to boost productivity and manage time, but they may not suffice to address larger issues with how the firm is run.

1:56 – Step 1 is scheduling 30 minutes to an hour on your calendar every day to focus on your top priority and eliminate distractions.

3:26 – Step 2 in the process of freeing up time in the firm is to reduce the number of clients you work with, which will allow you to have more time available.

3:55 – Many firms are doing too much for too little; the best approach to increase capacity is to eliminate bad clients and implement a solid services and pricing strategy.

4:45 – Increasing prices for clients is a strategy I’ve implemented across firms I’ve coached.

5:41 -To help you maintain control of your business and reduce your workload, I recommend listening to episode 91 of the podcast titled, The 7-Step Pathway to Reduce Your Workload in Your Firm.

5:45 – To sum up,  dedicating 30 to 60 minutes a day to top priorities can systematize work, reduce workload, and increase revenue by raising client prices while maintaining profits.

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The Most Impactful First 2 Steps to Freeing Up Time in Your Firm

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