What’s the Next Frontier for Advisory Services?

What does the future of advisory services look like? It might just be advising beyond the general ledger.

Listen below to start thinking about how your services may evolve in the not too distant future:

1:18 – I recount a recent conversation with my friend, accountant, an innovator in the profession, and also Head of Accountant Community at Gusto, Will Lopez, on the future of advisory services as he rolls out Gusto’s new People Advisory offering.

2:50 – People Advisory is interesting because it doesn’t center around what an accountant normally looks at when offering advisory: the general ledger.

3:09 – What is People Advisory?

3:34 – My initial reaction was that People Advisory strayed too far from what an accountant should be doing. This started the debate between Will and me on the future of an accountant’s role.

3:58 – Will gave me his thought process behind People Advisory, which made a lot of sense.

4:40 – I provide an example of how People Advisory might work as a service offering in your firm.

6:00 – Should an accountant actually offer this?

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What’s the Next Frontier for Advisory Services?

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