The Partner Email Swap Marketing Tactic

Many firms search for a quick fix in online marketing, but the reality is that most strategies require effort.

In this episode, I’ll explore an effective yet often overlooked marketing approach that most firms I’ve encountered don’t utilize fully.

Listen below.

0:38 Most online marketing strategies require work, whether it’s social media, blogging, email marketing, or other tactics.

0:58 Building an audience of prospective customers is increasingly challenging due to the crowded online landscape, making it harder to stand out.

1:20 I really like partnership marketing — collaborating with another business, individual, or organization to engage in a marketing activity that benefits both parties.

2:56 The strategy I recommend is a partner email swap. It involves partnering with another business to mutually share details about each other in emails to your respective client bases.

3:21 Here’s how to implement this tactic: First, find a partner who has the type of clients you want.

3:40 Next, email your partner proposing a reciprocal marketing activity to expand your reach with complementary offerings.

04:04 The final step is emailing your respective client bases.

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The Partner Email Swap Marketing Tactic

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