When it comes to finding high-quality talent, your job isn’t just to say the right things. In this podcast episode, we’ll discuss the reason why you’re having trouble hiring the right people and what to do about it.

Listen below.

0:25 – The most difficult part about scaling a business is finding high-quality talent to join your team as you grow.

0:58 – I get messages from firm owners that they can’t find the people they need to add to their team.

1:37 – The reason why firms have a hard time hiring is that they’re doing a terrible job selling their firm and the role.

1:56 – Consider how the Big 4 have typically handled swooning accounting grads to come work for them.

2:56 – The first and best place to apply the Big 4’s principles is in your job postings.

3:17 – If you don’t quickly capture their attention, they’ll skip over your posting.

3:58 – Highlight why they should join your firm and how it helps improve people’s lives.

4:38 – In Future Firm Accelerate’s coaching program, I demonstrate the importance of selling your firm very clearly with a concrete example.

5:36 – Treat your job postings and your entire recruitment process as one long sales process.

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