Chasing clients for missing documents and information is one of the frustrating issues that accounting firm owners have to deal with.

So today, I’d like to share an unused strategy that will likely increase your chances of getting your client’s attention to reduce chasing after them.

Listen Below.

1:07 – We rely on our clients to submit what we need on time in order to perform our duties.

1:15 – Not getting what we need creates a backlog in our work.

1:40 – Early on in my firm, we had an app called Sqrl that automatically reminds clients who haven’t submitted what we needed.

2:22 – Set client expectations at the get-go during your sales process and in your engagement letter so clients would know what their responsibilities are.

2:35 – Some firms even reward clients who submit their info on time so they don’t have to chase after them, but I don’t recommend this.

3:09 – For us to solve the problem of chasing after clients, we have to change the client’s behavior. 

3:36 – As someone who has a firm handling my books, I actually despise having to deal with any requests because I know it can wait.

3:53 – We switch someone’s behavior by learning how to sell them better.

4:13 – Once they sign your engagement letter, you should develop another sales process during onboarding.

4:42 – The way that I would handle this is through a sequence of several emails during onboarding.

5:05 – We want to get clients excited and buy into the success that they’ll be able to see if they just follow your instructions.

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