In this episode, I want to give you a set of guidelines to help you assess what services you should offer next in your firm.

Show Notes

1:05 – What services should you offer next at your firm? Accountants like to respond with a simple but dependable statement: “it depends”. That’s certainly true in this instance.

1:48 – Several of your biggest wins contributed directly to the success of your clients and it’s no secret that there is a formula for how you can help your clients achieve these results again, and that comprises the services you already have.

2:22 – Back in the days when I was running my firm, we implemented a lot of automated tools for our clients, but I quickly realized that our formula to achieve results was broken.

3:18 – As a result, clients either procrastinated or didn’t do it well, which delayed our advisory services and led to us not being able to deliver the outcome we wanted.

3:30 – Once we figured out where the flaw in the armor was, it was easy to determine what service we needed to add next. We needed to add bookkeeping to our services.

3:53 – By handling the data ourselves, we were able to offer every single one of our clients some level of advisory service and to be a more proactive advisor.

4:04 – Likewise, there is a formula for you as well. Your formula is dictated by your firm’s value proposition. Having a value proposition is fundamental for running a business that can operate more systematically and it is essential to your marketing strategy.

5:48 – Remember the fundamentals whenever you are unsure of what you should do or what you should offer next. As soon as you figure out your fundamentals, making decisions and figuring out what to do next becomes much easier.

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