6 Tips to Eliminate Client Emails From Your Inbox

Are you overwhelmed by the hundreds of client emails you get every day? In this episode, I’ll give you 6 tips for taking back control of your inbox to keep “overwhelm” at bay.

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0:31 – How the heck do I stop the never-ending barrage of emails coming from my clients?

1:23 – This firm owner has drastically eliminated the vast majority of his client emails.

1:39 – The solution to eliminating these emails really comes down to a combination of having the right people, processes, and technology.

1:56 – You’ll eventually need someone who can handle some of the more complex emails coming in from a communication standpoint.

2:24 – Implementing the right technology. My preference is a help desk, and I dedicated an entire episode on this subject back in episode 22.

3:19 – These bookkeepers and accountants that you’re hiring who will be fielding these emails need to have customer service experience.

4:20 – As soon as the deal is signed and you’ve collected what you need from the client to onboard them, you’ll schedule a kick off call.

5:04 – And it goes without saying that the support they receive from your team needs to be good. If not, these emails will flow back up to you.

5:33 – Your packaging strategy should help shield you from these emails and set the expectations that they can have access to you by email.

5:44 I explained how to handle new clients and who they should be emailing upon onboarding. What I suggest for existing clients is to make it a more gradual process with your team members.

6:09 – Your clients will be a bit more warmed up to them after a few interactions.

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6 Tips to Eliminate Client Emails From Your Inbox

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