Where & How to Find the Best Talent

In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing where you can find the best candidates and how to land them. Let me share some of the things I learned the hard way while I was running my firm.

0:53 – Following episode 59 titled “Who Should You Hire Next?”, I outlined my thoughts on Linkedin which attracted over 30,000 views, so your interest in this topic was evident.

1:14 – That led today’s discussion to where and how to find the best talent for your firm. And let me tell you, talent acquisition is very challenging. Even AICPA’s recent survey about the toughest challenge of 2021 confirms this.

2:41 – My initial search for senior hires was incredibly challenging, but I learned some valuable lessons along the way.

2:48 – First, the best talent wants more than just good pay. The best talent wants to work for an inspiring company that aims to make a positive impact on the world.

3:31 – The next point is your job posting. Describe your firm’s vision at an early stage along with some of its benefits. I learned this from Jeff Philipps of Accountingfly back at Xerocon in 2016.

5:14 – I did one thing when I began my firm, which had a very good outcome, above and beyond just posting jobs on Linkedin and Indeed, and that was basically to become my own recruiter.

6:22 – This is something which I did myself at the beginning when I was quite small, but I am sure you could also train someone on your team to do this.

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Where & How to Find the Best Talent

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