In today’s episode, I want to explain what content marketing is and why I think accounting firms can benefit from using it.

Show Notes

0:36 – As a simple definition, content marketing is sharing useful content with the goal of reaching and educating your target audience so that you can build and foster relationships.

1:57 – By educating specific people in your target market, you build trust. And client-firm relationships are based on trust.

2:43 – This is the exact strategy I employ in every piece of content I create. Ensure that it is as helpful and prescriptive as possible.

3:34 – Our goal is to make them aware of your existence and/or that their problems can be resolved, and we can accomplish this through a wide array of marketing strategies, which then place them at the top of the funnel in the awareness stage.

4:40 – The idea here is that your clients follow a marketing funnel before they make a purchase.

6:10 – Using content marketing to establish trust is not only essential for any client to work with you, it also respects the buyer’s purchasing journey.

6:25 – How do you get your content marketing off the ground? I’ve talked about how to create an ideal client profile and a compelling value proposition in several blog posts and podcast episodes, including episode 42.

7:01 – A lot of firm owners jump around from one marketing channel to another. As an example, Linkedin, YouTube, and blogging are examples of channels. Choose one or two that you feel most comfortable with and go with it.

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