Why I Recommend Accounting Help Desk Software

If you’re looking to gain tighter control over emails firm-wide, automate aspects of your team’s support function and get some analytics around customer service in your firm, you’ll need accounting help desk software.

This software was a key component of how I managed my firm’s support function and I would recommend it to any firm out there.

Below, I describe my experiences using this kind of software in my firm as well as discuss benefits, disadvantages, and some apps to look into.

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Why I Recommend Accounting Help Desk Software

0:42 – I answer what help desk software actually is and the basics of how it works.

1:36 – In terms of benefits, one of the big ones was that you get a firm-wide view of all client communications.

2:02 – My biggest benefit for ticketing software was the ability to keep very tight control over emails across the firm.

3:08 – Help desk software can give you KPI’s around customer support.

3:24 – I talk about the automation possibilities with accounting help desk software.

4:28 – I speak about some of the disadvantages of help desk software.

5:15 – I provide a recommendation about how to implement accounting help desk software.

5:50 – Will you get push back on using help desk software with your clients?

6:12 – A few apps that I like for you to look into Front, Zendesk & Teamwork Desk

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Why I Recommend Accounting Help Desk Software

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    1. More specifically, I’m thinking we’d end up having fragmented client info ie. Karbon timeline AND Zendesk and unfortunately Zappier can’t push Zendesk tickets as notes to Karbon

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