Find out why so many firm owners have a hard time setting their pricing and what you need to understand about “price” before you can start getting comfortable charging high prices.

Listen below.

Show Notes

0:54 Why it’s important to understand what price actually is before you can go ahead and price something high.

1:21 Price varies based on each individual’s situation and is therefore subjective.

2:25 – Here’s what complicates pricing further for most accountants.

3:40 It’s important to understand the concept behind price and that the maximum price you can charge is totally dependent on each customer’s unique situation.

4:00 Value is what completely dictates the price you charge.

4:12 Value can mean a lot of things and I provide 4 different categories of value for you to understand.

5:15 Not all forms of value are easy to measure, which means attaching a price can sometimes be a difficult exercise.

5:42 How can you measure the value you create based on eliminating anxiety for a client?

6:24 Once you understand the value you’re creating, only then can you be in a position to start maximizing your prices.

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