Your sales process is responsible for landing high-quality clients at high prices. If you’re looking to set up a sales process or optimize one for your firm, check out this podcast episode that discusses 4 different alternate sales processes for your firm.

Show Notes

0:49 – The sales process is the most neglected process I see in most firms, yet it’s arguably one of the most important

1:16 – I discuss the purpose of a sales process and why it’s important

3:15 – This is the most typical accounting firm 3-step sales process

4:36 – Here’s a very long sales process that works well for some firms

5:56 – I share a third sales process that’s a nice happy medium for most firms

6:54 – This fourth process shared is a super short one

7:25 – Here’s which sales process your firm should select

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Ryan Lazanis

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