Your Clients Don’t Care About What You Do

Let me be blunt:

Your clients don’t care about the tasks your firm performs or how you accomplish them.

In this episode, uncover what your clients are truly interested in and learn how to meet their needs effectively.

Listen below.

0:49 I covered this topic in episode 137 of the podcast, where I shared the only four things your clients truly care about.

1:32 One common pitfall I observe when firms assemble their packages is focusing on listing tasks rather than determining which tasks should be included in each package.

2:05 Presenting your services incorrectly in your packages can devalue your services and attract low-quality clients.

2:29 High-quality clients seek firms that can curate an experience tailored to help them achieve their objectives.

3:00 Your clients don’t need to know about your firm’s internal tasks; eliminate them from your proposals and sales calls.

4:13 When proposing to a potential client or guiding them through the sales process, it’s crucial to meet the client at their current level of understanding.

4:32 We should empathize, simplify concepts, reframe the tasks for clarity, and move beyond mere transactions in our interactions with clients.

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Your Clients Don’t Care About What You Do

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