In this Future Firm ® Accounting Podcast episode, I discuss a major issue I see amongst a lot of firms implementing subscription pricing. Namely: Prices are way too low for what’s being offered.

Show Notes

0:33 – This episode is all about pricing. The main message I would like to convey is that your firm’s prices are too low.

1:13 – Several, as discussed in episode 37, feel the instinct to apply technology to drive more efficiency to improve margins.

1:23 – In order to drastically improve profits in an accounting firm, the pricing strategy must be effective.

1:44 – I provide an example of firms relying too much on efficiency and not enough on pricing which can lead to poor margins.

3:00 – I also struggled with pricing when I started my firm.

4:16 – Price setting is difficult for many because the price someone is willing to pay is not formulaic.

4:50 – For help to price your services properly, I have a few free resources for you.

4:57 – To begin with, I have published a guide on my blog about pricing accounting services.

5:09 – I have podcast episodes dedicated to pricing: Episode 6 interviews value pricing expert Ron Baker, Episode 18 on how I set prices in 4 steps, and Episode 45 where I discuss what are my top value pricing tricks.

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