What is Future Firm® ?

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Future Firm® provides you with coaching & education to help systematize and scale your firm.

Founded by me, Ryan Lazanis.

I’m a CPA who built my own online firm from scratch to sale in only 5 years. My goal is to teach the lessons that I’ve learned along the way to help shape your own modern firm.

So follow along to get actionable advice that helps improve your firm when it comes to technology, marketing & practice management.

How Can Future Firm® Help?


Get resources, advice and techniques for your firm that helps you to:

  • Improve your technology & automate your processes
  • Setup a scalable firm model
  • Implement a value-priced subscription offering
  • Acquire business online
  • Attract & retain a remote workforce
  • Stay current on the latest trends in accounting

About Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA

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Hey there. I’m Ryan.

I’m a CPA, but please don’t call me an accountant! I much prefer innovative technologies and disruptive business models rather than numbers.

In 2013, I started a 100% online accounting firm called Xen Accounting. A first of its kind in Canada, it was totally virtual, focused on automation and was comprised of a remote team of geeky CPA’s, bookkeepers and technologists.

After 5 short years, Xen Accounting was acquired by a large European corporate services firm, thanks to the tech-oriented, scalable model in place.

Future Firm® is a place for me to share knowledge and teachings of my experience crafting a modern, automated, online accounting firm that provides customers with an exceptional customer journey and team members with a modern work environment.

Unrelated to business, I’m addicted to Crossfit, love traveling to remote destinations and was previously an active club DJ in Montreal.