3 Simple Ways to Collect Feedback From Your Clients

Clients want a seamless and uncomplicated experience in virtually every aspect of their interactions. In this episode, we’ll discuss 3 easy methods to gather feedback from your clients to enhance the overall customer experience offered by your firm.

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1:05 Elevating your firm’s customer experience boils down to delving into your clients’ perspectives and identifying areas where they desire improvement.

1:34 The first way is a widely adopted method for gathering feedback: NPS surveys. NPS, short for Net Promoter Score, involves a straightforward survey that poses a single, fundamental question.

1:52 Periodically send out this survey to clients after customer service interactions, major firm improvements, or any specific occasion you wish to gather feedback.

2:48 Next up is another survey I occasionally conduct, inspired by the insights of psychologist Robert Cialdini. He shares this idea in his book Influence: Psychology of Persuasion, which I highly recommend.

3:36 The question is open-ended, yielding various responses. Your task is to categorize these answers, identify the most frequently requested items, and take action accordingly.

3:57 The final method for collecting feedback is to conduct an annual re-engagement meeting with each client, inquiring about their satisfaction levels with your services.

4:14 I also kept track of the suggestions. If they were minor, I ensured swift implementation and promptly followed up with the client.

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3 Simple Ways to Collect Feedback From Your Clients

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