3 Accounting Advisory Services to Offer During COVID-19

While some firms are scrambling with their heads down in survival mode due to the coronavirus (if you’re one of those, read my 15-point CPA firm survival guide), others are looking to shore up any lost revenues during this time. Which is why I want to discuss 3 accounting advisory services that you can offer to your clients during COVID-19.

Listen below to see what those are and how you can implement them:

3 Accounting Advisory Services to Offer During COVID-19

0:50 – There are 3 accounting advisory services I recommend offering to clients during the COVID-19 crisis. But be careful when you try to upsell clients. You need to be empathetic and avoid being too salesy.

1:22 – Cash flow planning services are a no-brainer to offer right now. I also speak about different ways to offer the service.

2:16 – I discuss pricing of cash flow planning services.

2:47 – My second recommended service would be A/R services to help your clients collect cash on their A/R balances. Invoice Sherpa is a good app to help.

3:48 – I discuss a brief process around offering this service.

4:22 – This is a great service to offer because you’re helping your clients collect cash.

4:36 – Profit consulting is the third advisory service I recommend and I discuss what the service would look like.

5:40 – I stress the importance of not hard selling these services.

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3 Accounting Advisory Services to Offer During COVID-19

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