More Firms Should Build Online Communities

Despite many businesses not practicing this yet, having an online community is trending heavily as of late.

In this episode, I shared the reasons why you should consider starting your own online community for your clients.

Listen Below.

0:53 – An online community unites people with shared interests, enabling collaboration, problem-solving, resource sharing, networking, and faster goal attainment.

2:08 – Some firms have already embraced this strategy, including RealtyTax, in which its clients can engage with both peers and members of the firm, discussing various topics.

2:35 – This approach is particularly effective for generalist firms with diverse small business clients across various industries.

2:50 – I observed firsthand the efficiency of networking in online communities. For instance, bookkeeping firms post about clients needing tax help, and tax accountants connect within minutes.

3:17 – Another benefit of an online community is providing firm owners with a platform to exchange tips.

4:04 – Leveraging an online community enables you to highlight specific features in your service packages and potentially increase your service fees.

4:28 – For establishing an online community, consider a few simple tools. Notably, Circle and Mighty Networks are popular options.

4:48 – Lastly, I recommend considering the launch of an online community for your firm once you have a substantial client base, preferably around 100 clients or more.

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More Firms Should Build Online Communities

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