6 Suggestions to Keep Your Virtual Firm Secure

As your firm moves more and more to a virtual model, cloud accounting security becomes an important topic.

This episode of the Future Firm® Accounting Podcast gives you 6 suggestions to help keep your virtual firm secure.

Check it out:

1:38 – The first way to keep your firm secure: Use a password manager app.

2:18 – Here are a few password management apps to look into: Lastpass & Practice Protect.

3:08 – The second way to protect your virtual firm is to use Spanning for backups of everything on your Google and Microsoft accounts.

3:55 – My third suggestion: Activate 2 factor-authentication on all apps you use.

5:03 – Once the lockdown starts easing up, use a VPN app when using any public wifi.

6:03 – Fifth: Backup data from the cloud accounting apps that you use. You can manually export reports or you can automate this using something like Rewind.

6:53 – My last suggestion to keep your firm secure is using a service like Securicy. Using their platform you’ll be able to test the security framework of any piece of software that you’re looking to use or recommend to clients to help put your mind at ease.

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6 Suggestions to Keep Your Virtual Firm Secure

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