6 Things Your Clients Hate About Your Accounting Firm

There are various pain points clients experience working with accounting firms. In this episode, I’ll discuss 6 things that your clients hate about your accounting firm and ways to fix them.

Listen below.

0:41 First, clients dislike surprise bills, which happen when the firm doesn’t properly explain the scope and price upfront.

1:26 Another thing that really bothers clients is when they get asked for things at the last minute.

2:09 Third on the list is poor communication, which is another common frustration for clients.

3:47 Fourth, clients get frustrated when you use outdated technology.

4:30 The fifth thing that clients really dislike is slow response times or when emails go unanswered.

4:57 The final thing that drives clients crazy is a non-proactive accountant.

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6 Things Your Clients Hate About Your Accounting Firm

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