What My Firm’s Sales Process Looked Like

Designing an effective sales process can be tough. In this episode, I’ll explain what my sales process looked like and why I made it that way.

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0:57 A longer sales process may be more effective but less efficient, so prioritize what matters most to you.

1:11 We offered a free business assessment on our website to help clients choose the right package based on their needs and goals.

1:54 After filling out the first form and giving their contact details, they would move to a second form to provide more details needed for the discovery call.

3:19 My process involved checking to see if they were tech-savvy enough to navigate the online process and schedule a virtual meeting.

3:25 I would also assess the client’s willingness to cooperate and complete the forms.

4:06 We held 2 calls before closing a deal. On the final call, I’d display my screen, present the three service tiers I’m offering, and ask their preference.

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What My Firm’s Sales Process Looked Like

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