Tax busy season got you down?

Don’t fret. Solving the craziness around it often comes down to implementing the right processes.

And in this Future Firm® Podcast episode, I’ll discuss one simple 3 step process that can greatly improve things.

Listen below.

Beat Tax Busy Season With This Simple 3 Step Process:

Show Notes:

1:00 – Why didn’t I dread audit season? Because files came in the door early and out the door well before the deadline.

1:26 – A recent article on AccountingToday surveyed 200 accountants and their top tax busy season concern was around late client information and time-compression.

1:55 – The solution for avoiding receiving late client information revolves around a simple 3 step process.

2:14 – Step 1 of the process.

2:51 – Step 2 of the process.

3:12 – Step 3 of the process.

3:33 – “You are in charge of when things go into your firm and when they go out.”

3:58 – The above process can be extended beyond tax busy season to other areas of your firm.

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