Delegation 101

Delegating effectively is a significant challenge for many business owners. In this episode, I shared insights on improving your delegation skills, enabling you to not only expand your firm but also reduce a substantial amount of workload.

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0:45 In my first business, I was a better delegator than most, but still weak overall. Though I’ve leveled up since then, it remains one of my biggest ongoing weaknesses.

1:16 My realization of how much I was holding onto within my firm truly dawned on me when it was acquired.

1:50 Delegating becomes significantly easier with documented processes for your work and tasks.

2:07 When assigning tasks, make sure your team possesses competence, reliability, and coachability.

2:31 The level of experience of the individual you delegate to will determine what and how you delegate tasks.

3:04 When working with senior-level individuals, encourage them to problem-solve independently rather than attempting to determine all the steps yourself.

4:04 The use of project briefs has proven highly effective in facilitating delegation processes.

4:28 To embrace the idea of empowering your team to take initiative, it’s essential to become comfortable with not anticipating perfection.

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Delegation 101

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