The 1 Business System That Maintains My Sanity

Running a business requires resilience and determination. In this episode, I’ll discuss the transformative system I introduced to my business, which helped me transition from feeling overwhelmed to experiencing significantly reduced stress levels.

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0:36 Reflecting on the beginnings of my first business over a decade ago, what struck me the most was the realization that I couldn’t simply switch off.

0:55 The inability to disconnect left me feeling exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed. There was so much on my mind that shutting down became an impossible task.

1:08 Whenever a business challenge arose, my go-to approach was delving into a book that offered a solution tailored to the specific problem at hand.

2:03 The Getting Things Done system guides you in transferring all your thoughts into a comprehensive list, which you then periodically organize and act upon.

3:11 In the second phase of this system, on a weekly basis, you’ll review your inbox list, meticulously sorting and organizing everything. This process allows you to prioritize tasks based on their importance.

4:30 Every quarter, as I embark on planning goals and priorities for the upcoming quarter, I take the time to thoroughly assess my complete list of items across all categories.

5:09 The system boils down to three key steps: 1.Quickly jotting down ideas in your inbox. 2. Weekly categorization of inbox items. 3. Quarterly review for priority planning.

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The 1 Business System That Maintains My Sanity

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