Trailblazing accounting firms are launching a new kind of service offering to their clients: NoCode Development.

Find out what it is, why firms are starting it and whether you should as well.

Listen below.

Show Notes

0:38 – NoCode Development allows you to build software applications and automation quicker and easier than traditional development.

1:15 – Cloud accounting is no longer special and your clients today are constantly seeking ways to make their lives easier and more efficient. 

1:33 – LiveCA announced a NoCode Development services line on their website a few weeks back.

2:07 – I provide some examples of how firms are using NoCode Development as a service line.

3:40 – Jason Staats, who’s also leading the NoCode charge, is building a bot for one of his clients and charging 1k/month for the service.

4:54 – Should you do this in your firm and if so, who should be doing this?

5:23 – While NoCode development is an interesting opportunity, the vast majority of firm owners should not be undertaking NoCode development themselves.

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