How to Include Client Questions & Support in a Subscription Plan

When you charge a fixed subscription price for your services, how do you handle all those client questions throughout the year? Do you charge for them? Include then? Where do you draw the line?

In this week’s Future Firm® Accounting Podcast episode I provide my insight and various methods for you to follow.

Give it a listen:

1:22 – Hourly billing is easy when dealing with your client’s questions. How do you handle these questions when you have a fixed price subscription plan?

1:57 – The simple answer: How have you defined support in your mandate?

2:22 – Each of your proposals should have a line item for support to cover your client’s questions throughout the year. There are a few methods to define support.

2:34 – First, you can include a bucket of hours each month to answer any questions they have. This is my least favorite method.

3:13 – Second, you can define the number of times your client can contact you each period.

3:42 – Last, you might want to offer unlimited support. This is my favorite method.

4:10 – With unlimited support, you need to define what that is.

4:28 – I give my definition of what unlimited support is.

6:22 – You can also get creative with scoping your support function. Like giving different levels of access to different members of your firm.

6:54 – Or you can define response time and/or communication channels they have access to.

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How to Include Client Questions & Support in a Subscription Plan

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