Many of us desire a business that not only offers financial independence but also grants us the means to live life on our terms. In this podcast episode, I shared tips and strategies to help you break barriers that unlock more freedom and flexibility for your firm.

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0:25 – The majority of us built our firms with the primary purpose of aiding our clients and customers but above all, we also want a business that can support our dream lifestyle.

0:59 – Among the various aspects that contribute to the success of the firms I coach, the freedom and flexibility component stands out as one of, if not the most crucial elements.

2:27 – The top factor, in my opinion, that greatly fosters freedom and flexibility is embracing an “asynchronous first” approach to business.

2:51 – Those who opt for a synchronous first approach to work will inevitably face challenges in attaining maximum freedom and flexibility as they must align their schedules with others.

4:07 – Another essential aspect to achieve the desired freedom and flexibility in your business is to implement calendar blocking for the days and times you wish to be free from work.

4:45 – The third significant strategy is to minimize your involvement in client-facing activities as much as possible. By delegating or automating these tasks, you can free up valuable time.

5:19 – The last point is the importance of having a great team to handle the work for you. If your business relies solely on your efforts, you will never achieve the ideal freedom and flexibility.

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