When fully immersed and entrenched in your business, gaining clarity on the most crucial areas of focus and determining the next steps can become quite challenging.

In this episode, I talked about how you can keep your eyes on the goal despite being distracted regularly by social media, websites, and other mediums.

Listen Below.

1:10 – The internet is relentless, as countless vendors, suppliers, and apps promising revolutionary solutions, are getting pushed to us all the time.

1:37 – Many firm owners suffer from shiny object syndrome, constantly presented with enticing solutions. However, implementing these may not solve their core issues and could lead them off track.

2:05 – Determining priorities and focus should be guided by your desired life outcome.

2:22 – The initial step is to zoom out at a 10,000-foot level to identify priorities and focus areas.

2:51 – Your one-year plan should outline 3-5 broad goals that, once accomplished, will set you on the path to achieving your ideal life in three years.

4:03 – Avoid fixating on minor incremental improvements. Instead, concentrate on significant actions that will create the most significant impact and prioritize tasks that align with your one-year plan.

5:18 – If you find it challenging to zoom out, taking a step back from your business is necessary. Disconnect entirely for a few days – no emails, no work, and avoid thinking about your business.

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