How I Created a Hyper-Scalable Professional Services Business

I am able to scale my Future Firm business over the years, with over 700 active paying customers while having a consistent 30-hour workweek.

In this podcast episode, I shared my insights and strategies that allowed me to accomplish such feat, and hopefully inspire you when you want to create a scalable business model.

Listen Below.

0:57 – My firm excelled in scalability due to our selective client approach, streamlined workflow, predefined package offerings, and a highly effective team.

1:21 – Scaling such a model requires significant effort. While it’s entirely achievable and can lead to a successful business, the critical factor determining the breaking point will always be the people involved.

1:47 –  Observing a growing interest in firms seeking passive income-oriented models, I aim to share my journey today, offering valuable insights that may guide you should you choose to embark on a similar path.

3:00 – As coaching accounting firms was a novel endeavor, I took the time to comprehend the market and devise a clear approach to aid them. Consequently, I initiated 1-to-1 coaching before launching any online courses.

3:42 – Satisfied with my methodology, I proceeded to conduct a lightweight trial of the online course model for accounting firms.

4:37 – The crucial point I want to emphasize is that I prioritized testing the model before committing substantial time or resources.

5:32 – In my experience, the ideal formula for a recurring revenue model revolves around a blend of online courses, group coaching, and active involvement in community forums.

7:22 – A passive income model isn’t about kicking back and collecting money; it’s an excellent approach but demands upfront work and comes with its own challenges.

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How I Created a Hyper-Scalable Professional Services Business

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