Every Firm Should Implement This Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing scheme is one of the common struggles of modern firms. In this podcast, I shared a crucial marketing strategy that every single firm should adopt, the reasons why you should have it, and provide practical steps to execute it successfully.

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0:37 – Every business should adopt a fundamental marketing tactic: the consistent distribution of an email newsletter to engage with clients, prospects, and leads.

1:08 – Once you establish an appropriate framework, implementing an email newsletter becomes a remarkably simple and replicable strategy.

1:24 – Unlike social media, email marketing provides a reliable and direct channel of communication without the uncertainty of algorithms determining reach and visibility.

2:07 – Although a newsletter can be a valuable marketing tool, many firms fail to implement an effective email marketing strategy through their newsletters.

2:53 – Clients approach you seeking assistance with various aspects of their business, such as reducing taxes or increasing profits. Therefore, the challenge lies in delivering valuable support directly to their inboxes.

5:05 – Having clients, prospects, and leads is a promising foundation. Additionally, there are numerous strategies to expand your email list, but it is crucial to consistently grow it by incorporating new clients, leads, or prospects.

5:32 – The key takeaway is that your email newsletter is a highly effective marketing tool. Therefore, I encourage you to implement one and share your satisfaction with the results after a few months.

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Every Firm Should Implement This Marketing Strategy

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