Firm owners often struggle with marketing. In this episode, I discuss how I use AI to automate my podcast marketing and how you can implement the same without being an expert.

Listen Below.

1:10 – The usual podcast production process involves brainstorming, scripting, recording, and editing by a virtual assistant. However, the current episode breaks this pattern, as it’s created by AI, including the voice.

1:42 – Creating a podcast requires topics, which can be challenging to generate consistently. Enter ChatGPT, an advanced AI developed by OpenAI to help with this issue.

2:15 – Previously, I used to write scripts before recording. While manual writing is an option, leveraging AI like ChatGPT can save you time and effort in script creation.

2:51 – Outline your podcast’s goals and overview. This guides the AI, ensuring the script aligns with your podcast’s purpose and direction.

3:27 – You request the AI to compose the podcast script. With the necessary information, the AI creates a fitting, engaging script in the desired tone and structure. The outcome is the AI-generated script you’re currently hearing.

3:52 – I employ ElevenLabs, a voice cloning service, to replicate my voice. It might sound futuristic, but it’s real. I input my AI-generated script, and it returns audio that perfectly mimics my voice.

4:26 – Note that as this technology becomes more common, this marketing method could lose its impact in the future. Additionally, remember that AI currently can’t effectively convey emotions.

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