As COVID-19 forces firms to work remotely at breakneck speed, I wanted to share 4 ways for how you can gel your remote accounting firm culture together.

These are lessons I’ve learned from moving to a 100% physical in-office setup to a 100% remote one.

Listen below to hear my 4 tips:

4 Ways to Gel Remote Accounting Firm Culture

Show Notes

0:42 – COVID-19 is forcing firms to change the way they work.

1:50 – Having the right technology is important for remote work, but it’s only part of the equation.

2:15 – The other part of the solution is how to keep your accounting firm culture together when there’s no more water cooler talk or socializing during lunch.

3:11 – My first tip on keeping your remote accounting firm culture together.

4:20 – My second way to keep culture together.

5:57 – I provide my third way to keep things gelled.

6:35 – Listen to my fourth recommendation.

8:02 – My main takeaway is about being intentional to build processes to keep the team together remotely.

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