In this podcast episode, I shared my #1 strategy to combat scope creep and tips on how you can create a system to eliminate it in your firm.

Listen below.

1:08 – Scope creep can cause disagreements with clients if you try to charge for out-of-scope work.

1: 30 – To eliminate scope creep, you should define the boundaries of your deliverables and ensure that your client understands them.

2:00 – A well-defined scope becomes extremely important because it helps protect the profitability of the mandate.

2:47 – A well-defined scope is important to establish expectations around the service you’ll be offering.

3:08 – If ever there is a client disagreement, a properly drafted scope will help to easily settle the matter with your client.

3:56 – What I often see is firms listing the services they include in their engagement letter, but they don’t adequately define them.

4:37 – Your engagement letter should define what each service or deliverable is and define the boundaries of that service.

4:45 – For each service included in the engagement, I like to do 2 things in the service terms section of the engagement letter.

5:50 – My advice is to create standard definitions for your services and deliverables and make sure they’re included in your engagement letter.

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