The Top 4 Non-Productive Activities for Firm Owners

Many firm owners I know are often too busy. In today’s episode, I share the least productive activities they commonly engage in and why you shouldn’t engage in such tasks.

0:28 – While I’m highlighting some non-productive activities, it doesn’t mean you should eliminate them if you enjoy working on them.

0:40 – You should focus on activities that add the most value to your firm, give the greatest leverage, and bring you the most satisfaction. Other tasks should be delegated or eliminated.

1:13 – First, working directly with clients is not scalable. You can only handle so many in a day.

2:16 – The second non-productive activity is working on admin tasks. Whether it’s creating reports, sending proposals, or setting up new clients, this is not something you have to spend significant time doing.

2: 59 – Third, spending too much time on technology and processes. It is another non-productive activity so many firm owners engage in yet produce no results.

3:40 – The best way to achieve efficiency and reduce workload is by focusing on foundational issues.

4:18 – And the fourth non-productive activity is doing your own accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll.

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The Top 4 Non-Productive Activities for Firm Owners

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