Value pricing accounting services is often some kind of mystical thing for many accountants. How do you actually arrive at a price?

Today I’m going to lay out exactly what my process is for value pricing accounting services in 4 quick steps.

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Value Pricing Accounting Services: How I Do It in 4 Steps

Show Notes

0:52 – What is a tax plan worth that saves your client $1M if it only took you 1-hour to execute?

1:19 – I discuss why many accountants have trouble with value pricing

1:52 – The first step to value pricing: the value conversation with your client.

2:27 – Uncovering pain points is one of the keys to value pricing which requires the right kind of questioning. I recommend 2 books to help (one of those by value pricing guru, Ron Baker, who previously gave me tips of his own).

3:49 – The second step is to build 3 service options (Gold/Silver/Bronze) for your prospective client.

5:00 – I lay out how I arrive at my value price. There is no 100% right answer here!

5:57 – My last step to value pricing accounting services (which many value pricing gurus may disagree with): a quick and dirty cost forecasting.

7:32 – There are many important steps that follow arriving at a value price.

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