Do you have too much on your plate right now? If yes, it’s probably the right time to hire someone to help you out. In this episode, I shared my journey in hiring and managing a virtual assistant, or VA, and how it helped me save more time.

Listen below.

1:25 – I hired my first virtual assistant to help take some of the administrative burdens off my plate.

1:46 – They handle everything from assisting with marketing tasks to interacting with my customers.

2:15 – The right virtual assistants are very good at following established processes.

2:54 – I started categorizing some of the tasks that I felt could be outsourced.

3:12 – I crafted a job posting of exactly the things I needed help with.

3:29 – I documented the core processes for the tasks that I wanted to offload.

4:38 – The beautiful thing is that this is immediate time savings for you.

4:56 – The qualities I look for in a VA.

6:08 – A VA is someone you should surely add to your team if you’re super busy.

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