Your 5-Step Process for Process Improvement

Most business owners I’ve encountered prioritize enhancing their processes to turn their business into a repeatable, consistent, and scalable machine.

In today’s episode, I will share my 5-step process that you can apply to smoothen all processes in your firm.

Listen below.

0:39 Efficient processes turn your business into a scalable system, granting you the freedom to step away while it runs autonomously.

1:21 Clearly documented processes facilitate delegation, saving you time in the process.

1:51 In Step 1, list and prioritize all your firm’s tasks in a spreadsheet.

2:36 Step 2 involves setting a recurring reminder to select and update 1 to 3 processes from the list monthly.

3:16 For Step 3, you need to document the processes chosen for implementation.

4:17 Step 4 is assessing technology for automating your process in your improvement plan.

4:34 And lastly, review and quarterly re-prioritize the initial list created in Step 1 to align with evolving business changes.

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Your 5-Step Process for Process Improvement

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