Do This When Your Marketing Isn’t Working

There are a lot of marketing strategies and resources I recommended over the years but I’ll be the first person to acknowledge that even those might not yield the results you want.

In today’s episode, I shared the one essential thing you should do when your marketing campaign needs a shot in the arm.

Listen below.

0:55 Digital marketing strategies need time and your consistent effort to ramp up.

1:19 The strategy is simply to go out and meet people. It’s not the most complex marketing strategy, but it works.

2:58 I went to many networking events and made connections, but I didn’t necessarily pick up leads.

3:24 First, make sure you have practiced your 60-second elevator speech to describe what you do concisely.

3:30 Second, avoid making conversations all about yourself. Take the time to learn about the others you’re speaking with too.

3:36 Next, connect with event contacts via email or LinkedIn. It’s a great platform because it adds them to your online network.

3:46 Lastly, follow up occasionally with your connections to check in on their updates but avoid pushing sales.

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Do This When Your Marketing Isn’t Working

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