The Key to Innovating Your Firm

One of the most fun yet challenging aspects of this business is innovating your firm. In this episode, I’ll share my one tip to help you with finding new ways to improve your operations and provide a better customer experience.

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1:00 – Firm owners often face difficulties in innovating their firms, and one major contributing factor is an inclination towards excessive calculation.

1:13 – I attribute much of my firm’s success to my innovative approach. As you’re aware, I launched an online business at a time when such ventures were non-existent.

1:33 – In my view, the essence of innovation for your firm lies in swiftly testing out ideas without overthinking.

1:57 – When I was running my firm, I tested an eCommerce business model, making it one of the easiest things I experimented with.

2:19 – Receiving email notifications for new clients and seeing money deposited into my account effortlessly was incredibly exciting. However, this idea turned out to be an absolute disaster.

3:19 – Test the market with little feelers, observe reactions, and assess the impact on the business. A prime example is this podcast, where I cloned my voice using artificial intelligence several months ago.

4:04 – Many firm owners I coach tend to overthink their ideas, leading to endless back-and-forths. Eventually, I have to assert that it’s time to test things out.

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The Key to Innovating Your Firm

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