2 Simple Keys to Traction in Your Business

There could be times when you feel that despite your hard work, your firm is not progressing the way you want it to be. In this episode, I’ll share two keys to create more traction in your business.

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0:58 Traction is closely related to enhancing your business to ensure that you achieve your specific objectives.

1:26 The primary key to gaining traction in your business revolves around recognizing the critical aspects that demand your attention and effort, and subsequently, disregarding all other distractions and tempting diversions.

2:05 Concentrating on automation will yield only marginal enhancements at most.

2:50 What I’m emphasizing is the importance of implementing a strategic planning process to identify these quarterly milestones. This process is thoroughly discussed in episode 61 of the podcast.

3:39 The second key to gaining traction in your business is straightforward yet demands discipline and work ethic: allocate time each workday to focus on essential tasks.

4:07 The reality is, you’re likely consistently occupied. There’s no more opportune moment than the present to begin addressing the tasks that require attention.

4:47 You can certainly allocate an additional 30 minutes per workday, and perhaps even more, to dedicate to the tasks that require your attention.

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2 Simple Keys to Traction in Your Business

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