Ignore Your Competitors (Kinda)

It’s natural to keep tabs on our competitors. But in this episode, I’ll explain why it’s crucial to turn a blind eye to your competitors and prioritize your own progress rather than constantly comparing yourself to them.

Listen below.

1:11 Today’s episode doesn’t delve into market positioning; instead, we’ll focus on comparing yourself to others, particularly your competitors.

1:29 From the outside, your competitors might make everything look easy.

1:41 Appearances can be deceiving; what’s visible on the surface may not reflect the reality behind the scenes.

2:01 If you constantly compare yourself to others, especially your competitors, you’ll end up feeling miserable.

2:37 At the end of the day, what truly matters is your own performance and how you grow your company.

3:09 Understanding our competitors helps us position our firm for success, but constantly comparing ourselves to them can be disheartening.

3:36 The best comparison you can make is with yourself.

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Ignore Your Competitors (Kinda)

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