3 Top Tools for Efficient Email

It’s common for me to hear from overwhelmed firm owners facing an influx of emails regularly. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss three top tools to enhance email efficiency for your operations.

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0:36 – I previously covered strategies to minimize inbox clutter in episode 92. But this time, I’ll focus more on the tools you need to consider.

0:54 – Leveraging your practice management software (ex. Karbon) should be a priority, provided this functionality is integrated into your platform.

1:41 – The significant advantage is that your email is seamlessly integrated into your task management system.

2:06 – The second recommended tool, as utilized in my firm, is help desk or ticketing software. Zendesk, a widely popular choice, was also my preferred option.

3:18 – While this system is robust with the ability to establish numerous rules and triggers, it can be relatively complex to configure and may feel somewhat outdated compared to other alternatives on this list.

3:35 – The third recommended tool for enhancing email efficiency in firms is a unified inbox, currently employed at Future Firm. I use an app called Missive, with its main competitor being Front.

4:09 – Similar to Slack, you can establish diverse channels and create an unlimited number of rules to automate and streamline your communication workflows.

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3 Top Tools for Efficient Email

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