4 Scalable Features to Increase Your Tax Prep Prices

As I shared numerous times before, I love the idea of presenting clients with Gold, Silver, and Bronze options for personal tax preparation services.

However, in this episode, our focus will be on highlighting some of the additional features you can provide and discussing how to present them, rather than demonstrating how to bundle them together.

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0:51 – Out of all the services I offer, standalone personal tax preparation services are probably the ones I like the least. They tend to create significant bottlenecks in most firms.

1:24 – Offering low-cost tax prep services can hinder your firm. Instead, I want to see you charging $1,000, $5,000, or even $15,000 for personal tax prep.

2:04 – To achieve this, aim to enhance the perceived value of your tax preparation services by bundling them with scalable value-added features beyond just tax filing. This approach will make clients see greater value and be willing to pay significantly more.

2:33 – The initial feature I recommend is a tax optimization checklist, which can be provided on an annual or quarterly basis, depending on your chosen package.

3:22 – Next, a valuable feature you must include is adding to your tax preparation packages is tax strategy calls. These calls are straightforward and typically last no longer than an hour.

3:26 – Incorporate a monthly or quarterly tax savings newsletter into your tax preparation packages. Clients will appreciate the extra touchpoints and the valuable tax-saving tips.

4:19 – Another valuable scalable feature is offering an annual personalized tax plan, typically included in your premium packages. Utilizing apps like Corvee, you can upload tax data and receive recommended tax strategies for discussion with your client.

4:51 – You can incorporate various services and features into your tax prep packages. The crucial aspect is to provide clients with options and enhance the value beyond tax filing, all while maintaining scalability.

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4 Scalable Features to Increase Your Tax Prep Prices

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