4 Wow Moments to Level Up Your Onboarding Process

An ineffective onboarding process carries the potential to strain the relationship right from the outset. In this episode, I shared 4 tactics to help you leave a lasting, positive impression on your clients.

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0:37 – In a previous episode, I discussed “4 Steps to Streamline Your Client Onboarding Process.” Today, let’s explore four tactics to elevate it, making clients feel right at home in your firm.

1:23 – Money is a sensitive topic. Clients choose your firm because of trust built in the sales process. Maintain and reinforce this trust during onboarding by demonstrating human concern for their best interests.

1:03 – Many firms prioritize automating processes, solely relying on automation can make the client experience feel robotic and impersonal, ultimately undermining trust rather than building it.

1:59 – Tactic #1: Forward a personalized welcome video immediately after the contract is signed.

2:50 – Tactic #2: Send a coffee to your new client’s office just before their kickoff.

3:15 – Tactic #3: Provide a gift basket to your new clients upon joining.

3:33 – Tactic #4: Consider unexpected check-ins, preferably through video, conducted by the owner or partner of the firm.

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4 Wow Moments to Level Up Your Onboarding Process

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