Do You Even Need Any Marketing?

I’ve seen many successful firms thrive with minimal marketing effort.

So, the question is:

Do you really need marketing?

In certain cases, the answer may surprise you… it’s a no. Find out why in this week’s episode.

Listen below.

1:38 If your goal is to grow your firm to a 7-figure size or beyond, then engaging in diverse marketing activities is essential to expand your client base and replace any lost clients.

2:20 However, if your goal is to have a smaller firm, you can get by with minimal marketing. You might not even need a website.

2:41 Networking is a powerful type of marketing that is low-effort and requires minimal resources.

3:10 These days, online marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and sophisticated.

3:51 For smaller firms, I suggest leveraging networking and using online email templates to nurture potential client relationships or referrals.

4:19 Before diving deep into marketing, evaluate your goals to determine if a simpler approach might be more suitable for you.

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Do You Even Need Any Marketing?

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