In today’s episode, I want to talk about why giving your clients too much choice and flexibility is a bad idea if you want to create a scalable model. Take a listen:

Show Notes

0:36 – In episode 52,  I defined a scalable accounting firm as one that is able to handle an increase in sales, work, or output in a cost-effective, reasonable manner.

1:03 – I’ve also previously shared my 6 part formula for creating a scalable accounting firm in episode 33, 1 of 6 is creating a productized service offer for your clients.

1:50 – An example was when I was shopping for a car over a year back, I ended up looking at 3 showrooms.

2:05 – 2 of them had about a billion options to choose from. Those who want a lot of flexibility will love it, but those who aren’t much into cars will find the number of options overwhelming.

2:45 – The last showroom, only had 4 options for me to choose from with the model that I was looking at. No other options that caused any confusion.

3:37 – It’s not that they can’t offer more options, but instead, they can’t scale their production if they do.

4:00 – This allowed them to scale production more easily and to sold cars more quickly. This is what I’m referring to in your firm as well.

4:54 – By limiting the choices and options available to your clients, you increase the ability of the firm to standardize services.

5:30 – As a result of having greater control over your work, your output is more consistent and also of better quality.

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